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About the band

Since forming in 2018, hard rock band, TSL (Three shot Limit) of St. Petersburg FL has already had an impressive digital radio run, which included topping the charts on Boston Rock Radio with their first two singles. TSL would finish the year among the station's top 50 most requested acts of 2020.

TSL was founded by Jeffrey Korb.  There is an amazing new lineup, featuring vocals by Shelly Bonet, guitars by Jeffrey Korb, and Luis Alicea on the drums. 

TSL has now released three EPs: their debut ‘Fun Little Lies’, their sophomore offering ‘Irreverent’, and recently, their best work yet ‘Different Kind of Pain’.

TSL's first two EPs brought them both a radio presence and critical acclaim. Their current offering takes the band in a whole new direction with lead vocalist Shelly Bonet.

With all three records being produced by Peter Klett of multi-platinum Candlebox, the formula keeps strengthening for TSL.  TSL is eyeing big things in 2022 after paying all the requisite dues.


Power Play Magazine

"The four tracks here are really varied in styles, from 'Resurrect Me' which could easily fit on a Bon Jovi album to the harder style of 'Wicked Kiss'. I can't quite put a finger on it but something about this band is a little bit special, the songs are really good and it makes you want to put the disc on a constant repeat."


Fireworks Rock & Metal

"Songs like 'Tears or Champagne' and 'Wicked Kiss' seemingly come from a cannon, with big vocal choruses and charging guitars, while the melodies in 'Resurrect Me' and 'Leaving Alone' take the listener on completely different and unique journeys, Irreverent is a solid step of growth from TSL's debut release 'Fun Little Lies' which was very well received and is still receiving airplay."

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